OBAMA road signs northbound on I-5 near Chehalis, WA (88 miles south of Seattle) / Slideshow

Remember those Burma Shave road signs along those dusty highways of years past? Well, check these Barack Obama road signs. It would be great to see a lot of them pop up along American highways.    ~Peregrine

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Hat Tip to Val Cymbal

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They’re considering taking down those signs!
See Freedom of Speech comment by Char and what Obama’s people have up their sleeve. Share


44 thoughts on “OBAMA road signs northbound on I-5 near Chehalis, WA (88 miles south of Seattle) / Slideshow

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    • This serves to demonstrate the ignorance… please look up the word “Succeed” in the dictionary. You’ll find that it is very different from the word “Secede.”

      Aside from the spelling errors… C’Mon folks! It was Bush who took away guns during Katrina, the false narrative that Obama wants to take away your guns has proven itself false.

      “We the Congress?” Obama just vetoed the bill Congress passed to make it easier for banks to take away our homes!

      Nobody is afraid of Sarah Palin, heck, even the people she endorses can’t say she is qualified for anything other than a local school board.

      Returning taxes to pre-Bush levels is not socialism! Our fire departments, except for Tennessee, are socialist. How’s that working out in Tennessee? The fire department will watch your house burn if you haven’t paid them graft above and beyond the taxes you already paid to fund them.

      • “This serves to demonstrate the ignorance” Crashmodem says. Better to be ignorant than stupid. At least ignorant people can learn and that’s what they have been and are doing. If you don’t think so then just check out Obama’s approval rating! 27% as of 10/14/2010.

      • It’s not a hoax but the 9 billboards seem to be actually 1 back-to-back sign – A two-faced Obama! Look at the relationship between the pointed ear and the ‘change’ button. Look at ear shapes, ties and wrinkles. I see just 2 different faces and it appears that Obama’s sign is also a two-piece affair. I think that somehow that billboard is located so that it is seen from both sides and someone changes the message using tag board, a big marker and a couple of misspelled words. Love it!

      • To CRASHMODEM – Just to be clear, it was not President Bush who ordered confiscation of firearms after Katrina. Ite was Mayor Nagin & the NOPD. Subsequently, the Louisiana state legislature passed a measure prohibiting the confisccation of citizens weapons.

        Not Everything was or is Bush’s fault.

        Of course you are correct about the the spelling of succeed/secede. It made me think that perhaps the email was written by a Democrat. Real Conservatives fully understand both the meaning and spelling of “Secede”. I think the sign (singular) is real, and the message is changed from time to time), but the covering email is bogus. The fact that the trees in some pictures have foliage and in others the trees are bare, suggests the passage of time. The email I received said SIGNS, not sign. It also made some bogus claim about the feds denying highway funds over a sign on private property. Don’t get me started on “monies” – Media and Government fools have used this ” made-up word” so long, that it is now is accepted as a plural for “money” which is already a plural.

      • Face it, Obama is a horrible president. He is DEFINITELY not getting re-elected. Get him OUT of office.

      • If they can pass a law that makes it mandatory for a candidate to show his birth certificate, that might stop him. However, even if he has a birth certificate, he is still ineligible.

      • Ally, do not kid yourself — Obama could still be re-elected. Republicans do not in any way think it’s going to be a slam dunk.


      • You sir are an ignorant liar. Bush did not take anyones guns during the tragedy that was Katrina it was a local law enforcement agency. I have my problems with Bush for failing to secure our border but I will not resort to lies like you do. The lady is right in regard to fire department in Tennessee. We do just fine here and your presence is not required.

      • I have lived in Washington most of my life and traveled I-5 on business for 10 years. There is/was a farmer in that area who has always had clever right-wing signs on his property. I always kept my eyes open for them as entertainment on my travels. I would put money on this being his doing and he is having a great deal of fun with all of you doubting the authenticity of this.

  2. Loved the Uncle Sam billboard for years. This one looks good too. Good to see conservatives alive and well in Lewis County. Thanks so much for the daily reminder. You touch a lot of lives.

  3. This doesn’t look right….If you look closely it appears that there is one sign of Obama and the white sign seems to change with different messages…plus the trees are too similar in the backgrounds and then some are green and others have lost all their leaves. One shows mountains close by but not the kind we see in Western WA. What is that wire on the top? If you look at Obama’s throat and tie some show the same light and others on the same spot are photo fixed but you can see where they fixed it same shape as when there is light there. I looked at other places on the internet and the only photo’s you can find are the very same photo’s none other exist. If this were true you’d find more pictures even a youtube showing the drive. Plus it would take up a lot of space to be read off I-5 and I don’t believe that the place where the original Uncle Sam sign was had that much land. Just a thought..Also being an artist, I can see only one painting of Obama. I’m pretty sure this is a Hoax.

    • Karen, I read your letter and went back to check those pictures. You are right about those little wires and the background looking the same. If anyone out there can show pictures like along highways, I sure would like to see them, because in this case I have to agree with Karen.

      Having said that, I maintain that the case against Barack Obama remains profoundly powerful . ~Peregrine

      • It seems to be a small dry erase white board. It also looks like one sign with a front and back. The owner must change each side throughout the month. I believe this would be too small to be seen from the I-5 highway at 65 mph. Hats off to the creator, keep up the good work.

      • Wouldn’tit be possible that teh wires were used to lift the sign when it was being mounted?

      • Yes they are the same but if you look closely, you can see that the frame for the signs are designed to be slide in and pulled out with no effort.

    • These are definitely fake. I have been driving north through Chehalis to Olympia and back home every day for 7 years and I am certain these signs never existed along Interstate 5. Also, one picture shows mountains in the lower right corner. There are no visible mountains from Chehalis. It does look like an eraser board superimposed over different photos taken during different seasons (and not Chehalis).

  4. Crashmodern is another liberal making no sense. I’m from Tennessee, and it’s one of the best places in the country to live. The fire incident is not typical, but since you brought it up in light of “socialism” :It turns out that the fire company was not privately owned – it was run by a nearby city. Failure of the market? No. Failure of government? Yes.

    So it was not the cigar smoking capitalist smirking with indifference at the site of the homeowner and his burning home. No, it was the local mayor – a public servant through and through – smirking from the comfort of his government office.

    You see, if the market was involved, the owner may have gotten a freebie. Or the company may have negotiated a service rate then and there. Why? A private company has a reputation to uphold. Being lambasted in the media as heartless and uncaring is not good for business. So it makes sense to help out as much as possible. And if the homeowner is willing to pay the full cost, why not provide the service. Why not, indeed? But that is a question that should be directed to the local mayor, not supporters of anarcho-capitalism.

  5. nice lampooning -to show how incompetent the government has gotten ,its ripe for the wreath of God to hit hard maybe then the sheepie will wake up before too late …i dont think this will happen but the USA will die without noise !!!

  6. The signs are real. There are two signs, one Northbound and one Southbound. They are changed frequently. Photos must have been taken throughout the year.

    • i wondered how all of them seemed to have the same background! Is it the state gov’t that has put them up? i think they’re great — but wish someone had used spell check!

      • Deb, this issue of poor spelling has been a thorn in my shoe forever. If you want to convince people with something you write, then at least spell the words correctly. -Peregrine

      • Actually, it appears that they were written with the intention that the spelling came from Obama ‘hisself’, therefore, under these circumstances qualifies them as genuine. He doesn’t appear to be reading a teleprompter.

  7. When, if ever will people see this man for what he really is? An opportunistic egocentric highly bankrolled figurehead for the likes of George Soros. Can one person please give me even one reason (downside) to releasing his “Original” birth certificate? Think about it, why not? Don’t you think that if it were legitimate he and all of his supporters would take such incredible pleasure in rubbing it in all the right wing faces? So again, WHY NOT????? I think even the diehard dem’s know why not but are too terrified to admit it. Mark my words people, he and his gaggle of opportunistic “out for number one” cronies are just biding their time, trying to get as much liberal policy in place and shoved down our throats before the house of cards is knocked down. History will show that this administration is going to make Bush look extremely level headed and fair minded.

  8. I agree , Look at the pictures carefully…. there are only two…. and they are very small …notice the nuts and bolts holding the sign together…. great Idea but I think snopes would have a field day with this one

    Just my 2 cents worth

    • Snopes is so left-wing biased, they won’t even put this topic on their site.

      So who believes anything Snopes says anymore?

      I think the photos are really really cool. Luv the Dumbo ears.

  9. I have lived in Washington nearly all my life and traveled I-5 on business for more than 10 years. There is a farmer with a considerable amount of land in that area who always posted humorous right wing signs – mostly bill board size. Looking for his humorious work was a highlight of this boring trip. This looks very much his work and I wold bet he is laughing his head off at all the accusations against his work.

    • I too have lived in Washington my whole life and have looked forward to those signs when traveling to Portland.
      I remember when we were kids, we would laugh and we had no idea what the signs meant. I appreciate that this land owner is willing to say what others would not even mutter.

  10. It looks like time-lapse photos. Two different images (2 signs) with the ability to change the message. The sign Obama holds is a frame and the white part is exchanged after a few months, would be my guess by the changing of the seasons. Someone put this together after several months or weeks. Interesting. Has all the liberal’s panties in a wad, I am sure. Good for Chehalis, Washington.

    I heard the following:
    “The federal government is now petitioning to have these signs removed or Washington state will be denied additional monies for interstate highways.

    The State of Washington replied, they will secede from the Union rather than be intimidated. These are a matter of free speech paid for by a private citizen.

    It seems the Obama government uses intimidation and ignores the first amendment when they want to silence someone.”

  11. I think you folks need to get a life and stop bashing Obama. He’s doing about as well as he can under the circumstances. Remember that her inherited a lot of problems from Bush.

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